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Support A 40 Year Dream To Play The Blues On Beale Street

Dear Friends,

As I prepare for the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, (representing Paramount Music Association in the solo category January 16-20th), it comes with considerable expenses for myself and crew. I am asking for your support. If you would like to help fund The Road To Memphis, you can do so by donating directly through the button below, and will mean so much to me.

Even a $5 donation makes a difference.

The donate link below is secure, easy to do and you'll have the knowledge that you are supporting a 40-year dream of mine to perform on Beale Street!

Whether you have followed me for years, or have only just learned about me, I am so thrilled that you have joined me on my musical path, and will feel you with me as I perform in Memphis. 

Thank you for your support in helping fund my dream to Memphis.



One Woman. One Guitar.
Part Storyteller. Part Blues Traveler.

Road To Memphis Support Campaign

Cathy‘s undeniably powerful and gutsy voice accompanied by multidimensional Blues guitar, her talents on slide and harmonica, and unique songcraft have thrilled audiences around the world. Inspired by early female Blues greats of the 20’s and 30’s, she honors them by continuing to bring the people’s music to the stage. You can’t help but feel Cathy’s life story in every heartfelt note.