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what am I doing now? Preparing to head to Memphis in January


Greetings from Sturgeon Bay, WI

What Am I Doing Now?


I am loving my new life in the mid-west,


2017 Summerfest US Cellular Connection Stage image by Ty Helbach

 1st annual Open Door Pride image Ty Helbach


Greetings from Sturgeon Bay, WI

What Am I Doing Now?

After traveling around the country (and in the most unlikely of places), I ended up in Door County in Sturgeon Bay, WI thanks to a wonderful songwriting festival called SteelBridge Fest where songwriters meet 3 times a year to write, record and perform the songs written in a cool retro renovated motel called The Holiday Music Motel. The experience inspired me and I found a new home to live.  After almost 20 years in New York City and most of my life on the east coast (except for the ’90’s when I lived in France), to find myself in the miid-west will bring different and enriching possibilities.

Check out Steelbridge radio, it’s an online radio station where all content is written and recorded at the Holiday Music Motel. in over 12 years that’s a lot of music. It’s a rarity and shouldn’t be a secret, that’s why I’m telling you. I am proud to be one of the artists in this eclectic and talented group of songwriters.

I plan on spending the winter writing and shedding on my guitar. And expect I'll record in the Spring a blues record. I have other ideas floating in my head. Musically I am feeling stronger than ever and want to stretch out more into the blues genre. And Sturgeon Bay has many musical possibilities for me.

This past summer I also performed on Cape Cod in Provincetown daily at Tin Pan Alley, and the Saturday Farmers market until the end of October and made so many new fans and friends. The experience showed me that I could perform daily and still have a voice after 103 gigs in 116 days! Here is an interview/live performance podcast that I did at WOMR on Pandora Peoples, Healing Wisdom show.

I then headed back to Sturgeon Bay, WI to partake in another Steel Bridge Song festival called Dark Songs. And I now am settled in Wisconsin as my new home. I find the mid-west area to be very supportive of my musical talents and life experience. I have lived in many wonderful places in my life and now the most improbable has become the place I feel most at home. Of course I miss New York and my life as a subway performer, but am open to whatever this new location and experience will inspire in me.

Feel free to reach out if you have any suggestions where I might perform. A house concert? A favorite Wine Bar? A Club? I plan on traveling again in the next year.

I am forever grateful to the many people who have opened their homes and hearts for me during my wandertour.  I have met amazing people who spend their lives keeping music alive, live and thriving. I am thankful to the new friends I have made here in Sturgeon Bay who have been nothing but supportive and excited to have me be a new member of their community.

With big changes come possibilities, now that I am a resident of Wisconsin, stay tuned.

May you thrive,


December 25, 2016 Sturgeon Bay, WI


more about my “wandertour” trip:

I left NYC on September 23rd the first day of Autumn, to travel around the country in a Prius Wagon with my two standard poodles Etta and Lily.  I packed my guitars, my little busking setup and head out without any goal except to find joy, gigs, maybe a new place to live, new connections and inspiration. I started north, headed all the way west to Port Townsend, WA, then south along the Pacific Coast to San Diego. I turned east via Joshua Tree, Austin and New Orleans, Key West and then up the East Coast to NYC on March 2Oth the first day of Spring. I drove 18,000+ miles visited 29 states in 180 days.

I have jammed and sang and played my guitar with so many wonderful people. I mostly found I am happy returning to my blues roots and my stage performances with lights and sound and have really enjoyed the energy of a vibrant audience seeing me for the first time.

I returned to moving out of NYC where I have called home since the late 1990’s. I am living my experience as fully as I can, and the poodles have been amazing with all the transitioning too. At this point NYCSubwayGirl is living an above ground experience, not performing in the subway's of NYC. My website nycsubwaygirl will continue to function as a place for other buskers to find useful information and for me to post from time to time stories about buskers. Of course my archives of my series The Inspiration Project is worth going back to for amazing stories of the people whom I have met while performing in the subway.

Top row: Humphries, San Diego (Kirstin Stults image)/ Backwater Blues Band, Humphries, San Diego (Kirstin Stults image/ Arcadia Blues, Arcadia, CA, Bobby Bluehouse band (Ed Bergstrom image)/ House Concert, Austin, TX (Debbie Rothshield image) row 2: Ashland Blues Society, Ashland OR (Gary Mark Roberts image)/ Hudson's On Mercer, Dripping Springs, TX with Carl Weathersby (Artie Hudson image)/ Big Kitchen, San Diego, CA (Kathy Fuller images) row 3: Stillwater Landing Listening room, Whitefish, MT with David Walburn (Bill Montgomery image)/ Luchenbach, TX picking circle (Sally Huff image)/ Strange Brew, Austin, TX (Bob Fleischman image)/ Hudson's On Mercer, Dripping Springs, TX jam (Debbie Rothshield image)/ row 4: Greene St Cafe, Key West, Pete Jarvis and Steve Gibson/ Virgilio's, Key West, Skipper Kripitz / Bistro Sole, Key West with Melody Cooper, (images Jaye Harkow)/Grand Central with poodles, NYC (image Susan Grier)


video at Joshua Tree Saloon, Joshua Tree, CA by Christi with house band Lucky, Jeff and Thom (Rather Go Blind)

here is a clip made by San Diego wonder woman Cathryn Beeks, who is the most inspiring promoter of local music that I have ever met. And love that my Poodles in the back of the Prius were also featured!



older post:

Greetings from Somewhere USA,
What Am I Doing Now?

  • Traveling around the country with my 2 standard poodles in search of connections and adventure. Maybe a new place to live or to create my next project. 
  • Looking for an Artist Residency.
  • Finding gigs as they come, jams, open mic’s, house concerts, public spaces.  Got one in mind, let me know
  • Here’s a live audio of me in Atlanta at the wonderful listening room Eddie’s Attic, performing  my songs

Comin' Back To Me and Good Thing: cathygrier_eddies_attic_150727.mp3

  • Working on film projects as they come while I travel, editing, filming. I love it all, and the internet makes it easy to work from anywhere.
  • Enjoying seeing my poodle Etta in Laurie Anderson’s new film Heart Of A Dog. Etta is even in the trailer. Here is the trailer

May you thrive wandering in your own journey. And please do keep in touch,

Cathy Grier aka nycsubwaygirl

updated October 2015

This page inspired by Derek Sivers who is always coming up with something new and cool to share.

  • On an even more personal note:

My family has had a 2 remarkable life changing events this past year. In Atlanta in the beginning of the year, my brother Marty’s 23 year old son Austin had a brain trauma injury by falling off his longboard. Austin has made an incredible recovery. From that horrific accident and the subsequent weeks and months of recovery for Austin, and the way in which our family and friends came together, the hashtag #GrierStrong was created. What no one could have ever imagined was that 5 months later my other brother John’s 19 year old son Jared would fall from a tree and become a quadriplegic. Jared’s story since that injury has been one of courage and family strength that #GrierStrong exemplifies. I haven’t written much about it as I have been trying to stay within the realm of family privacy, but the family has created a GrierStrong blog and now led by Jared’s own writing you can follow his amazing story: Jared's GrierStrong  Facebook page

a pick up gig at Stonefly Lounge, in Coram, MT by Ron Ridenour